Open Positions

JD Employee Welfare

JD Support Fund

JD has a support fund system for JD employees.

Selective Welfare

JD supports educational expenses, sports activity cost, and travel acommodation costs.

Long Service

JD gives prize money for a long-term employed person.

Congratulations and Condolences

JD joins family events like marriage, childbirth, funeral and etc.

Meal Expenses

JD supports the employees with
lunch money for happy lunchtime.

JD WLB (Work-Life Balance)

JD makes an effort to create the optimal working environment.

Working Environment

Leaving the office on time, no forced overtime, and free use of annual leave.

ELO (Early Leaving On) Friday

JD implements leaving office early on Friday (at 5 P.M)

JD Amenities

JD provides amenities that make its employees work more comfortably.


JD provides snacks and beverages.

Parking Lot

JD provides parking space for its commuters of own cars.

JD Incentive System

JD is clear about hard work and rewards for it.


When an employee achieves an annual sales target, JD grants an incentive for each period.